Jackpot Party Casino Slot Machines

Jackpot Party Casino Slot Machines – Video slots are usually multi-denomination and coin-free. No coins means the machine will accept all new $1 to $100 notes. Many video slots offer multiple bonus games. This is a very popular game for people who like a lot of interaction, sound and fun. This machine comes with an LCD screen, making it a great game to use at home.

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Jackpot Party Casino Slot Machines

The Jackpot Party slot machine is WMS BB2. This type of slot machine is designed for our international clients. Please call to order: 937-672-7288.

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The Williams Bluebird 2 slot machine is a series of innovative and user-friendly slot machines. This slot machine features incredible technological advancements such as a 22-inch wide dual HD display, the powerful NXT2 CPU technology platform and the next generation Bose sound system. This is one of the best slots in terms of ease of use and support. Players benefit from a wide selection of different playing styles. The beautifully designed WMS Bluebird 2 slot has been a hit among slot players since its release. There are several themed games such as Star Trek, Lord of the Rings and Monopoly. Historically, slots are one of the few casino games that is nearly impossible to analyze without inside information about what the individual game was like. program. All other casino games are open according to their own rules, so the odds can be measured. However, in slot machines, the player relies on the unknown reel lines. The casino doesn’t tell players the distribution of symbols on a line or how they’re weighted for single-line slots. While this doesn’t seem to bother most players, it did bother me.

To break through this wall of secrecy, I recorded 212 rounds of Jackpot Party on my phone. Then I go home and manually enter each result into a spreadsheet. I finally calculated what I was dealing with. This page shows what I found.

First Step – Data Collection I decided to study the Jackpot Party game because it is a simple and typical video slot game. The game is a bit out of date as I write this, but I was able to find the “classic” penny version at the Wynn on January 24, 2012. Armed with my phone camera, I played as fast as I could for eight minutes. I took a lunch break, then came back to record another 10 minutes of gameplay. There is a video of my gameplay on YouTube:

When I got home I hired my brother-in-law to hand-write the three symbols seen on each reel for the 212 stakes in the first video. This video turned out to be enough, and I didn’t need a second one.

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Step Two – Reel Strips Long story short, I found that, as I suspected, there were only a limited number of different combinations of three symbols on each reel. To be precise, from the first video I saw the following range coil models:

The 212 rounds in the first video were enough for me to see every combo at least once. When I find a missing segment from a tape, I always have a second video to play back, but I never need it.

The next steps are like a puzzle. I had to discover how the different sequences of three symbols overlapped to form a complete reel. It took a few hours, but I finally found the answer. The tricky part is on the reels the 2 sequences (blue 7-plum-orange) appear in two different places.

The following table shows the result of hours of work, completely unwinding the reels for Jackpot Party.

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Multi-line video slots work by drawing random numbers, one for each reel, to determine where to stop on the reels. In this case, the game will select three random integers from 1 to 26 for reels 1, 3 and 5 and two random integers from 1 to 29 for reels 2 and 4. Then these random numbers will be displayed on the reel positions.

For example, if the game selects the numbers 10, 7, 7, 3, 21 for reels 1 to 5 respectively and displays them in the reel positions on the top row of the screen, the screen will look like this:

Step Three – The Payout Table The payout table is easy to see from the rules screen. That’s why the first video showed me walking it. There are three types of symbols: 7, fruit and bonus. Three to five 7 symbols of the same color is a win. Also, three to five mixed 7 symbols are smaller wins. There are also payouts for three to five fruits, but not for mixed fruits. However, there is a wild fruit symbol that can replace any fruit. Players are also paid between 1 and 5 wild fruit symbols. All winning sevens and pieces are left aligned, meaning all wins start from the leftmost reel. The player receives the highest prize for the row.

Step Four – Payline Math The following table shows the number of combinations for each possible win. If you try to repeat this table, the results may vary, as some wins can be obtained equally in two different ways. For example, a wild-fruit-cherry-blue 7-watermelon makes 5 for two wild fruits or three cherries. Cells remain empty if they are not producing growth.

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The wild symbol and seven mixed payouts make the mathematical analysis of paylines tedious, complicated and error-prone. In my opinion, the safest and easiest way to analyze payouts online is to label all possible outcomes with five nested cycles.

The lower right cell shows that the total number of winning combinations is 1,516,294. In Jackpot Party, there are 26 × 29 × 26 × 29 × 26 = 14,781,416 possible combinations. This makes the hit rate per line 1,516,294/14,781,416 = 10.258%. In other words, players have a 10.3% chance of winning anything on a given line.

The following table shows the probability of each possible win. This is simply the number of combinations in each cell above divided by the total number of combinations of 14,781,416.

The following table shows the product of each win probability and payout. The lower right cell shows that players can expect to get 59.60% of their bet per spin through online payouts.

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Step Five – Bonus There are two “party” symbols on reels 1, 3 and 5. If the player lands on one of the three reels, they will play a bonus. Note that group characters cannot be on the same line. It is marked as a “spread” symbol, which means it can be obtained anywhere.

There are 30 prizes in the bonus round. Players will continue to choose gifts and collect money in them until they choose “Party Pooper”. There are six Party Poopers. The Party Poopers event has a minimum payout of 1. The following table shows how all the prizes are distributed. All prizes are based on the total amount wagered in the initial round.

The following table shows possible 0 to 25 draws in the bonus round, including the last draw of the Party Pooper bonus. The probability of n equal options is permut(24, n-1)×6/permut(30, n), which is the number of ways to select n-1 successful options out of 24, multiplied by 6 ways to select Parti Pooper, divided in the most number of ways select n items out of 30.

The right column shows the product of probability by the number of options. The lower right cell is the sum of the expected number of draws, indicating that the average number of draws is 4.428571.

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By the way, the thumb formula for the expected number of choices for the general case of n common badges and p Party Poopers is: (n + 1) / (p + 1). In this case it will be (30+1)/(6+1) = 4.428571.

Total bonus prizes are 150. Of those 150, 6 are from Party Poopers, so 144 is what I call safe money. There are 30-6 = 24 safe choices. Therefore, the average price of the safe option is 144/24 = 6.

As shown above, the average number of total draws is 4.428571. However, one of them is Party Pooper, so the average would be 3.428571 a safe choice.

So the average win before Party Pooper is (average win) * (number of safe picks) = 6 × 3.428571 = 20.571429. Then add 1 for the Party Pooper consolation prize and the average bonus is 21.571429.

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The bonus is triggered when the player hits a party symbol anywhere on reels 1, 3 and 5. There are 26 symbols on each of these reels. There are two party symbols on each odd numbered reel and three visible positions

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