Jackpot Party Slot Game Free Online

Jackpot Party Slot Game Free Online – Historically, slot machines were one of the few casino games where it was possible to analyze an individual game without having internal information about how it was programmed. The rules of all other casino games are open so the odds can be weighed. In some places, however, players are at the mercy of unpredictable reel streaks. Casinos don’t tell players the distribution of symbols, or their weighting in single-line slots. This doesn’t bother many players, but it bothers me.

To break down this wall of secrecy, I recorded 212 Jackpot Party games with my phone. Then I go home and tabulate each result. Finally, I calculated what I was up against. This page shows what I found.

Jackpot Party Slot Game Free Online

Step 1 – Dataset I decided to study the Jackpot Party game because the simple design and working of video slot machines is common. As I write this, the game is a bit outdated, but I managed to find the “classic” version of the coin at Wynn on January 24th, 2012. Armed with a phone camera, I played for a maximum of eight minutes. as much as possible. I ate my lunch and came back to record another 10 minutes of gameplay. My gameplay videos are on YouTube:

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When I got home, I hired my brother to manually record the three visible symbols on each reel with a stake of 212 on the first video. Turns out the video is enough and I don’t need a second one.

Step Two – Reel Bars Long story short, I found as many combinations of the three symbols on each reel as I suspected. To be fair, I noticed the following target reel numbers in the first video:

The 212 spins in the first video were enough to ensure I saw every combination at least once. I have a second video to restore if I find that the reel has missing parts, but I don’t really need it.

The next step is like a puzzle. I need to figure out how different sequences of three symbols overlap to form a complete reel. It took hours, but I finally figured it out. The tricky part is that on reel 2, a sequence (blue 7-plum-orange) appears in two different places.

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The table below shows the results of several hours of work, thus completely eliminating the jackpot party.

The way multi-line video slot machines work is that numbers are drawn at random, one for each reel, to determine their final position on the reels. In this case, the game chooses three random integers from 1 to 26 for reels 1, 3 and 5 and two random integers from 1 to 29 for reels 2 and 4. Then put random numbers on the map. rolls royce.

For example, if the game selects the numbers 10, 7, 7, 3, 21 for reels 1 to 5 respectively and places them on the reels in the top row of the screen, the screen will look like this.

Step Three – Paytable The paytable is easily displayed from the rules screen. So the first video shows me running it. There are three types of symbols: 7s, fruit and bonus. Three to five 7 symbols of the same color win. Also, combinations of three to five win with fewer than 7 symbols. There are also prizes for three to five fruits, but no prizes for mixed fruits. There is a hint of “wild fruit” though, and can substitute for any fruit. Players also receive between 1 and 5 Wild Fruit symbols. All Sevens and Fruits wins are stacking, meaning that all wins start on the leftmost reel. Players will receive the highest prize for each row.

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Step Four – Odds Calculation The table below shows the number of each possible winning combination. If you try to repeat this table, the results may be different, as some bonuses can be earned equally in two different ways. For example Wild Fruit-Wild Fruit-Cherry-Blue 7-Watermelon Two wild fruits win 5 or three cherries win 5. If there is no winner, the cell will be left blank.

Wild symbols and mixed sevens make the mathematical analysis of paylines tedious, complicated and error-prone. In my opinion, the safest and easiest way to analyze the line winners is to score each result in five nested rings.

The bottom right cell shows 1, 516, 294 total winning combinations. In total there are 26 × 29 × 26 × 29 × 26 = 14,781,416 possible combinations in Jackpot Party. This yields a hit frequency of 1, 516, 294/14, 781, 416 = 10.258% per row. In other words, a player has a 10.3% chance of winning on any one line.

The table below shows the probability of each win. This is simply the number of combinations in each cell above divided by the total of 14,781,416 combinations.

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The table below shows the probability of each win and the product it pays out. The lower right cell shows that players can expect to win 59.60% of their payouts on the spinline.

Step 5 – Bonus There are two Party symbols on reels 1, 3 and 5. If the player gets one on all three reels, he can play the bonus. Note that the party symbols do not have to be on the same line. It’s marked “scattered,” which means it can be done anywhere for credit.

There are 30 gifts in the bonus round. The player continues to earn gifts and accumulate money until he chooses “Party Poor”. There are six poor parties. Even the poor won at least 1. The table below shows how all prizes are distributed. All prizes are relative to the total amount at the start of the spin.

The table below shows the odds of choosing between 0 and 25 during the bonus round, including Party Popper selections. The probability of choosing exactly n is permut(24, n-1) × 6 / permut(30, n), that is, the number of ways to choose n-1 successful choices among 24, 6 choices. Pooper, divided into different ways to select n items from 30.

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The right column shows the probability of the product and the number of choices. The lower right cell is the sum of expected votes, indicating that the average vote is 4.428571.

By the way, a convenient formula for the expected number of votes for a total of n icons and p Party Poopers is (n+1)/(p+1). In this case (30+1)/(6+1) = 4.428571.

Total prize money is 150. Of those 150, 6 came with party popcorn, so 144 is what I call safe money. There are 30-6=24 safe choices. So the average reward for safe selection is 144/24=6.

As shown above, the average total votes are 4.428571. However, one of them is party popcorn, so there are an average of 3.428571 reliable options.

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So the average win before the party is (average win) * (number of safe picks) = 6 × 3.428571 = 20.571429. Then add 1 to the Party Pooper consolation prize for an average win of 21.571429.

The bonus is triggered when a player lands a party symbol anywhere on reels 1, 3 and 5. There are 26 symbols on each wheel. Two party symbols appear on each odd reel, and three dots appear on each reel. Therefore, the probability of a party symbol appearing on any odd reel is 2 × 3/26 = 23.08%. The probability of finding the party symbol on all three reels is (6/26).

Step Six – Summary I have shown that players can expect to win 59.601% from odds and 26.510% from bonuses. Summed up, the total return on the game is 86.111%. In other words, the house content is 13.889%.

An 86% return is very low for a slot machine. However, this doesn’t surprise me. This is a luxurious casino coin game with high payouts for both. This does not mean that the jackpot side is always set at 86%. There are other versions of the slot machine manufacturer’s WMS that allow the slot machine director to choose which program chip (called EPROM) is placed in the machine.

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