Kennedy 50 Cent Piece Value

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Kennedy 50 Cent Piece Value

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P Kennedy Half Dollar. What’s With All These Errors?

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There are no records for this currency. If you would like to request a registry set, please email erregistry@

The NGC Registry is not endorsed by or affiliated with PCGS or CAC. PCGS is a registered trademark of Collectors Universe, Inc. CAC is a trademark of Certified Acceptance Corporation. Assassinated in 1964, President John F. The first Kennedy half dollar was produced to commemorate Kennedy. In 2001, production for general circulation ended, with only a few coins produced each year for collectors.

This was the case until 2021, when the coins were once again made for general circulation. And they are still being done today.

P 50c (regular Strike) Kennedy Half Dollar

But is one worth it? This is what we are looking for! Follow us as we explore the most valuable Kennedy half dollar of all time…

Most Valuable Kennedy Half Dollars 1. 1970-S Kennedy Half Dollars on PCGS PR66 25C Planchet $7,475

One look at this coin shows you that it is strictly foreign. Kennedy’s head is smashed against the top edge. And at the bottom, the date barely fits on the coin.

This unusual shape is the result of a rare error at the San Francisco Mint that minted the coin. A planchet, instead of a metal disk, is used for half dollars, for quarters.

D 50c Ms

This is all the more surprising because it is a proof scan, believed to be of high quality and made for collectors. The proof should be checked before leaving the love. However, this was apparently ignored.

Because errors like this are rare, the resulting coins are highly collectible. This 1970 Kennedy half dollar sold for $7,475 when it came to auction in January 2007.

This 1965 coin is one of the highest quality examples of that year’s Kennedy half dollar. It is graded MS67 by PCGS, a professional coin grading service.

“MS” stands for “Mint Condition”, meaning a coin that has never been issued. The number depends on the quality and condition of the individual coin. The higher the number, the better the quality, with 70 being the highest.

United States Mint Begins Sales Of Kennedy Half Dollar Product Options On June 1

Coins graded MS67+ will have a full, bright strike with good luster. It can have up to four minor signs or one major sign. And these marks will be removed from the design, so they will not detract from the beauty of the coin.

MS67+ is the highest grade given by PCGS to a 1965 Kennedy half dollar. Only three coins have received this credit, making it a highly desirable specimen for collectors.

A type 2 Canadian dollar is one that is covered with silver. It is dated 1964 and is a proof coin. and received the highest possible grade of PR70 from PCGS.

But because the coin was minted to commemorate Kennedy’s assassination, its historical significance was clear from the start. Collectors collect evidence and preserve it in pristine condition, hoping that it will gain value over time.

Kennedy Half Dollar

As a result, 1964 proof coins are not as rare as others. And while this example has the highest possible grade of 70, a total of 29 coins share that honor. So while this is a beautiful and interesting coin, it is not rare enough to command a large price.

This 1971 half dollar, struck in San Francisco, is another proof coin. It is graded PR69 by PCGS, meaning it is of near perfect quality. And he was also given the prestigious “Ultra Cameo” title.

An ultra cameo, also often described as a “deep cameo”, is a proof coin used to highlight particularly high features. This term is used for coins that have a heavy layer of glaze with a matte or sandblasted appearance on the upper parts of the design.

These frosted areas contrast with reflective areas to create an attractive visual effect. And the Ultra Cameo has more of this frosting than the Cameo.

Kennedy 2021 Half Dollar, 2 Roll Set

This means that this particular example is a very high quality test. But then again, there are more than a few of them. While good examples are not known, there are 82 coins classified as PR69 Ultra Cameo.

So while this is a valuable coin, it is not unique. However, when it was sold at auction in June 2019, it fetched a credible $12,000.

Traditionally, the highest coin prices have been achieved by specialized auctioneers. Names like Stacks & Bowers and Heritage Auctions dominate the auction record. But that is changing. And today, some record prices are set only on online auction sites.

This was the case with the 1964 Kennedy half dollar, which was graded an impressive MS68 by PCGS. It was listed for sale on eBay in May 2019.

S Silver 50c Ms

The winning bidder paid a final price of $12,500. And unlike traditional auction houses, there is no buyer’s premium to add to the total.

Between 1965 and 1967, the government issued special mint sets (SMS) to collectors. Although they were considered better than the standard issue coins, the overall quality was not good.

Cameos or deep cameos are hard to find these years. So when one does appear, it’s highly collectible.

Of the three years, the 1965 Deep Cameos are extremely rare. And this grade, MS67, is the highest. Share this honor with seven other coins.

A Coworker Gave Me This Half Dollar Coin That Has A Hole Drilled Into It.

Between 1964 and 1970, Kennedy half dollars were made of 40 percent silver. This changed in 1971, when they were replaced by nickel-plated copper.

This coin is another example of a mint error. However, 40 percent of the silver planchets used for the 1970 coin found their way into a machine that produced the 1971 coin. Which makes it very unusual and therefore attractive to collectors.

The coin is graded MS61 by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation, or NGC. It is very good quality, but not the best. But the rarity of the mint error it produced is what led to its impressive auction result.

It was sold on eBay in April 2018, with the winning bidder paying $13,000 to add it to their collection.

Kennedy Half Dollar Sells For 8,000

This 1969 Kennedy half dollar was minted in Denver. It was part of a record set: a slab of coins certified together by NGC. It has been graded MS67, placing it in the upper range of the 1969 Denver Kennedy half dollar.

Only five such coins exist, and none of good quality has been found. For the collector looking to compile a complete set, this is a desirable piece.

It was sold by specialist auctioneers Heritage Auctions in June 2019. The final price, including buyer’s premium, was $15,600.

1966 was the second year in which a few high quality coins were produced by the Special Mint series. It makes a deep cameo like this a compelling and desirable pursuit.

Gold And Silver Kennedy Half Dollar Collection

It got its name for deep freezing

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