Leg Exercise Machines For Disabled

Leg Exercise Machines For Disabled – Modern equipment with folding seats, so that – depending on the needs – it can also be used by people with disabilities. Physical activity has many benefits for everyone, regardless of fitness level, gender or age. Based on this assumption, we have ensured that our comprehensive offer includes the best gym equipment for people with disabilities.

Our offer includes, among other things, recumbent bikes, lifts, leg presses, Tai Chi wheels, as well as hand trainers in many different versions. All of them are allowed to build special gyms for disabled people. Our exercise equipment is available in both pole and pole versions.

Leg Exercise Machines For Disabled

Our equipment is durable and resistant to external factors. In addition, goods are properly protected from damage and vandalism.

Exercise Equipment For Disabled Seniors

We offer exercise equipment for wheelchair users, which will help you strengthen different parts of the body and have a positive effect on physical health. Our offer for the gym includes equipment that allows you to strengthen your arms, legs, chest muscles, back and more. Additionally, our fitness equipment for people with disabilities improves cardiorespiratory fitness.

The undoubted advantage of our simulators is ease of use. Each device comes with a detailed instruction manual that explains how to use the device correctly. Nowadays, of course, every gym should have wheelchair equipment.

Push chair disassembled D01R+WS 830, 00 € net Integration Push chair disassembled D01R+SI 1,155, 00 € net Retractable chair disassembled D02R+WS 830, 00 € € net Integration disassembled D02R+WS 830, 00 € € net Integration Detachable DR02 Net Connectable D01R+1 Detachable Channel WS 985, 00 € Net Integration Butterfly D06R+SI 1,315, 00 € Net Butterfly Reverse Disabled D07R+WS 985, 00 € Net Integration Butterfly Reverse Disabled D07R+SI 1,315, 00 € Net Integration Butterfly Reverse Disabled D07R+SI 1,315, 00 € , E070d, E07R + SI Disable Nuroet wheel disabled e19 7677.00 € numpless up disabled E21 1.05.00 € nake nowing nowed nchage Suchake € nure € newne nowed night nowing nowing nowed nowed sunchage nowne €00 €00 € numply .00 net top arms Trainer Passive E37 €879.00 Net Pull Chair and Push Chair Passive E38 E38 and €709 Stepper 1.09 1.09 Disabled , €00 Net Tai Chi Wheel and Arm Wheel Disabled E40 1.128 € , T02 Top , E40 1.128 , E40 Top Disability , T02 , T50 00 € Net Top and Low Arms Trainer Disabled E43 1,653, 00 € Net Rail Disabled E44 1,238, 00 € Net Incline Bike Unable E420t.50t.50t Uniable E4030t. € 2-Position Network Unit Off E47 1,562, 00 € Grid Boards Off E48 1,238, 00 € Grid Basket Off E49 2,247, 00 € Network Coordinator R52 683, 00 € Network Table Off. PO9 + 90 D01R+SI+SLW2 1,480, 00 € Expandable chair net integration off + pole D02R+SI+SLW2 1,480, 00 € Butterfly net integration off + pole D06R+SI+SLW2 1,06R+SI+SLW2 1,06R+SI+SLW2 SI+SLW2 1.639. 00 nett

To ensure high protection against corrosion, the equipment undergoes high-pressure shot blasting, galvanizing and double powder coating. The first layer consists of a high-quality zinc coating, and the second layer is a weather-resistant polyester paint.

Fitness Equipment For Wheelchair Users

Outdoor fitness equipment is attached to the base with anchors embedded in concrete (anchors and necessary screws are supplied with the organizing equipment).

Installing an outdoor gym is easy and you can do it yourself (we provide a detailed user manual). It can also be subcontracted to a special company, for example, which is involved in the landscaping of green areas. We cooperate with many companies across Europe.

We supply outdoor fitness equipment in Europe and worldwide. The goods are delivered by our company or any certified transport company. The product is carefully and reliably packed. Delivery time is individually agreed. Delivery is made directly to the specified address.

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