Lupa Kata Sandi Akun Google

Lupa Kata Sandi Akun Google – How to recover email account because you forgot your password. This time, Android World will discuss how to recover a forgotten email or password. In this case, I’ve focused on the Google Mail (Gmail) account, which is actually the most used account on Android devices. Are you ready to listen to the tutorial? Let’s follow the tips below.

Before starting the training session, I will explain the initial preparation. Recovering or recovering a lost email account is actually very easy if the initial preparation is done properly. For accounts that have lost or forgotten their passwords, the email server will then provide an option so that you can later access one of the account recovery tools, such as a backup email address or the phone number used to set up account security.

Lupa Kata Sandi Akun Google

I suggest that those of you who find it difficult to forget passwords or account passwords create another email account as a recovery tool. Once it is ready, we will proceed to the account recovery session as shown below.

Cara Menyetel Ulang Kata Sandi Gmail (dengan Gambar)

1. Open your account for the first time, enter your email address and password. In this case, since the password is forgotten, enter any password, so that later a red letter will appear, indicating the wrong password or account. Jump to text ‘Need help?’ I have circled below as an example image.

2. Next, you will be taken to a screen similar to the image below. Select the Forgot Password option.

3. You will then access the display to re-enter the forgotten password e-mail address. After filling, click on “Continue”.

4. Account verification display will reappear as profile picture, if you are sure this is your account then proceed to next session.

Cara Melihat Password Yang Tersimpan Di Akun Google Kita

5. Now on the next page, this is email recovery summary, Google server will send a link to your other email address. In this email you may find links that will later restore your lost account.

6. Open the email to which Google sent the link and enter the address. After that, you will be given the option to create a new password for the email account for which you have forgotten the password.

Isn’t it easy to recover forgotten password email account? I hope the above tips are helpful. Don’t forget to read interesting Android tips from Android World.

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