Merk Cat Mobil Yang Bagus

Merk Cat Mobil Yang Bagus – Choosing the best car paint is an important thing before you start beautifying the exterior of your car. There are many major car paint brands in Indonesia with different color options that we want.

Few people start beautifying the exterior of the car by changing the paint color of the car at will. In fact, many of the best paint shops in Jakarta offer a selection of automotive paint brands in colors rarely available on the market. However, it can be said that choosing the best car paint price in the market is both difficult and easy.

Merk Cat Mobil Yang Bagus

It should also be noted that not all brands of car paint are easily applied to cars. That is why we need to know the various recommendations of the best car paint brands that do not damage the car body.

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Before we discuss the best types of car paint, we’ll first look at how to care for your car’s paint to keep it looking like new. The most important thing is not only to know the best car paint brands, but also to understand how to take care of the best car paint.

Maintaining the integrity of a car’s paintwork is not an easy task. Sometimes people underestimate car exterior care, including paint care. Many people also spend a lot of money taking care of their car’s paint by taking it to a dedicated body shop for exterior maintenance. The goal is to maintain the color of the car paint we have, while still maintaining the authenticity of the color.

But don’t worry, there are many ways to take care of your car’s paint, so you don’t have to pay a lot of money to maintain it. Here are some of the best car paint care ways you should know.

The first best way to take care of your car’s paint is to not park your car in places that are too hot. Park your car in the shade or at least under a tree.

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Do not park the car in direct sunlight. This darkens and fades the paint on our cars if exposed to too much sunlight.

In addition, the ultraviolet rays of sunlight can change the composition of the color layer of the car paint. Especially if the car material is zinc, it will increase the heat of the car body. It’s a shame if your car’s paint is damaged by sunlight.

After all, this means having to pay quite a bit of money to restore the damaged paint before the car. Therefore, avoid standing or parking in direct sunlight.

The second way to care for car paint is to use a special car soap to clean the exterior of the car. Most people wash their car with any type of soap, such as laundry detergent, detergent, or body wash. Where it is not recommended, as the color of the car’s paint can easily fade.

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The special cleaning soap is designed to prevent the color of the car paint from darkening easily, and the paint color of striped cars is affected by the irresponsible ingredients of the soap. In fact, the price of a special car wash soap is quite expensive. However, it is better to have the damaged car paint repaired at a higher cost than paying for it.

Why is special car wash soap expensive? Because the composition of the soap’s ingredients is focused on preserving the best color of the car’s paint.

Also, set a good and proper car washing schedule, for example, wash your car at least once a week during dry weather. During the rainy season, at least twice a week, because the acid content of rainwater can destroy the color of car paint.

In addition to regular car washing, with a special car soap, we also need to take care of the best car paint, using a special car wash cloth such as a soft cloth or kanebo or similar.

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Why should it be a delicate matter? Because a rag that isn’t rough or smooth can damage the car’s paintwork. We often find people using all kinds of cloths to wash their cars, such as used towels or used t-shirts, etc. In fact, this is not recommended and causes scratches or damage to the car’s paintwork.

The most important thing in car paint care is regular cleaning to keep the paint looking shiny and new.

Do not let the interior of the car dry out while you are washing it, you should at least wash it before washing it. Why? Because cleaning the car body can be difficult and will leave small traces of stuck dust and dirt. So there will be scratches that will damage the exterior of the car.

The easiest way to care for car paint is to use a car cover when the car is not in use. It will be easier to take care of your car, because thanks to this cover, your car will be protected from dust, heat and rain wherever you park it. The paintwork and bodywork will also be protected from objects or scratches. parking lot

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How to take care of the six is ​​often considered trivial, although it is also important to take care of the paintwork of the car. It is important to dry the car immediately after washing to ensure that the car body is not wet and the paint color does not fade easily. By drying the car immediately after washing, it keeps the car’s paint shiny, keeping it looking like new all the time.

Other care tips: Also, don’t cover your car with a wet blanket. It can also damage and fade the car’s paint color.

To best preserve your car’s paintwork, the latter is designed for colors that start to fade and fade. It’s never too late to take care of your personal vehicle. Using this polish or wax is essential for those of you who want to make your vehicle shine.

This wax or polish works as a coating on the car’s paint to give it a shine without scratching the car’s paint itself. This wax is safer because it is like wax. The operation method is different from other paints, the wax is safer and does not damage the original paint.

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Beautifying your car’s exterior by choosing the best paint brand and paint location doesn’t have to be a chore. When it comes to car paint, there are many stores that sell different types of car paint. The price of each brand of car paint is also different.

Choosing the best car paint is not an easy task. Where car paint is required, it must also match the needs of the bodywork. Especially when it comes to the cost of car paint, which should be carefully considered. Here are some recommendations for the best car paint brands.

The best Goldschmied car paint is packaged in 1 liter cans. This Goldschmied is available in different colors namely red, white, black, blue etc.

It is not difficult to get the best car paint products, these products are available in different markets and cost around IDR 220,000-350,000 per can of car paint.

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In addition to the Goldschmied brand, other car paints are recommended, namely Kansai Kardiac. If you want sleek and shiny results, this Kansai Kardiac brand may be your best choice for cheap car paint.

The advantage of the Kansai Kardiac brand over other paint brands is that it is highly adhesive and does not come off easily. In addition, Kansai Kardiac is able to protect paint marks from mold and rust that often appear on the body.

The next best car paint brand is Nebula. This Nebula car paint is a type of Duco paint, which means your favorite car paint can look like new. In addition, Nebula claims that the best automotive paint products are of the highest quality.

With this advantage, it gives sharp and saturated colors, and drying is faster with this paint. Therefore, for those of you who want your favorite vehicle to look like new again, we recommend the Nebula car paint brand.

Jual Cat Duco Metallic / Cat Mobil Nikken / Nikken Automotive / Nikken

There is also the Rubber Spray car paint brand, also known as Rubber Paint, which is a car paint spray that is often used to cover the color of wheels and bodywork. The advantage is that the wheels and body, coated with rubber spray, create a beautiful looking body.

It can be said that this rubber spray ranks among the best car paint brands because it is very cheap compared to other leading car paint brands, around IDR 39,000 to IDR 78,000.

The color options available are also matte black, pure white, silver, blue, green and many more. In addition, this rubber spray can also be used to beautify household items such as tables, cabinets, benches, etc.

The next best car paint brand is Top Color. This car paint brand is a paint made by Danapaint. Sam Danapaint is already a well-known brand among paints. Top Color car paint brand can also cover cars, it can also be applied to other items.

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The advantage of the car paints of this Top Color brand is that they are able to give attractive colors, and the components in them protect the car paint from various damages on the body. Also, this Top Color car paint has an easy to apply texture with best quality and good coverage.

There’s nothing wrong with the fact that Top Color car paint brands are in high demand. The price of this car paint brand is around IDR 62,000-IDR 120,000. The color options available are also varied, such as Indigo Blue, Laser Red, Dakar Yellow and many more.

Another Danapaint product, this time the best car paint brand is Danagloss. Enter a type of duco paint that has the advantage of making your car’s color look like new again.

Danapaint Danagloss claims that this danagloss product uses high quality materials that are normally only used for car body repair. This dangloss also produces intense, dense color, dense texture and long-lasting color.

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It is perfect for those of you who beautify the exterior of your favorite car. Despite the high quality, the price of this car paint brand is quite cheap, ranging from IDR 57,000 to IDR 181,000.

The next best brand of car paint is Penta Super Gloss. Penta car paint

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