Nasa Satellite Live View Earth

Nasa Satellite Live View Earth – Former High Definition Earth System (HDEV) site: Operational: April 30, 2014 – End of Life: August 22, 2019.

Live video of Earth is currently being streamed from an external HD camera mounted on the ISS. The camera looks down on the Earth, with the occasional solar panel visible.

Nasa Satellite Live View Earth

After HDEV stopped sending data on July 18, 2019, it was announced that it had expired on August 22, 2019. Thanks to everyone involved in viewing and using HDEV views of Earth from the ISS to make HDEV so much more than just a tech demo download!

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The High Definition Earth View (HDEV) experiment, installed on the ISS external payload facility of the European Space Agency’s Columbus module, was launched on April 30, 2014, and has been viewed by more than 318 million viewers 5 years and 79 days later. Worldwide on USTREAM (now IBM Video only).

Since the HDEV source is typically unregistered and not publicly archived, we recommend using open source or commercially available screen recording software to capture the video segments.

Please contact Carlos Fontano or Chris Getto with any questions regarding the current outdoor camera or previous HDEV experiment. “Earth from Space” live video – as seen live from the International Space Station (ISS). The ISS orbits the Earth in low Earth orbit at the edge of space, 240 miles above the planet. NASA astronauts and Russian cosmonauts, as well as Japanese, Canadian and European astronauts work on the station.

The ISS passes through Earth’s dark side halfway through each 90-minute orbit. Video is not available when the space station descends every 45 minutes at night – during this time and other interruptions in transmission, the recorded images are shown when Earth returns to daylight.

Official Nasa Live Streams

HD footage captured by the ISS HDEV cameras on the International Space Station. Courtesy of the International Space Station: USstream from NASA HDEV cameras live on the ISS ( ).

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