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Open Account Online No Deposit

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Online Account With No Fees » No Paycheck Deposit «

Please note that when you click on a link and open a new window in your browser, you will be subject to the terms of use and privacy policy of the third party website you are visiting. , anywhere. Do it instantly with the Digibank app!

Apply for an account instantly via Singpass/MyInfo – no need to send letters and documents. Calm down, lemon!

Important: Your Singpass/MyInfo information must be available and ready to use the next day to sign up for a new account in your digibank app.

Tip: Prepare your FIN number and Singapore telephone number (+65). And select Face Verification for instant registration.

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Apply for an account via Singpass/MyInfo. Upload your passport photo and required documents and voila! Your account will be activated immediately.

Deposits of non-bank deposits in Singapore dollars and funds and deposits denominated in Singapore dollars under the Supplementary Pension Scheme are insured by the Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation as a total contribution per scheme member in accordance with the Act. Cash and Singapore dollar deposits under the CPF Investment Scheme and CPF Superannuation Scheme are pooled and individually insured up to S$75,000 per deposit per member. Foreign exchange deposits, bilateral investments, structured deposits and other investment products are not guaranteed.

Are you new? Open a multiplier account on the digibank app Download the Digibank app and open your account instantly Get a S$120 cash loan when you open an online savings account and register for a loan.

Everything you need – gives you up to 3.6% p.a. Interest Whether you’re just starting out, taking steps on your own, or running a business, we want to make it easy for you to grow your savings and help you reach your financial goals. With the Account, you can now earn a higher interest rate of up to 3.6% per year. in just 2 easy steps!

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S$500 from your first dollar on eligible cards to spend minutes and earn 0.25% pa. Also pay 3 GIROs to earn up to 2.5% per year. loan interest rate or salary up to 3.6% per year. interest rate.

Choose between payday credit or GIRO. Plus, you’ll get more interest on your savings with a S$1,600 deposit.

Easily track your transactions with Bonus Interest Tracking in your TMRW app and Internet banking.

Your One account comes with a One Debit Mastercard that you can use to earn 10% cash back on online shopping, grocery shopping, transportation and more.

Octosavers Account I

The most effective interest rate (EIR) on a single account is 1.16% per annum. With a deposit of S$75,000, the customer meets the requirement for eligible card spend of S$500 and 3 GIRO credits per calendar month.

The maximum effective interest rate (EIR) on a single account is 2.14% per annum. For a deposit of S$100,000 if the customer meets two conditions of S$500 AND one minute on the card. A salary credit of S$1,600 per calendar month via GIRO (referring to “SALA”).

Enjoy 3% cashback on Dairy Farm International (“DFI”) sales (Cold Storage, CS Fresh, Giant, Guardian, 7-Eleven, Marketplace, Jasons and Jasons Deli), 3% cashback on Shopee Singapore sales (excluding ShopeePay) 3 % return on Grab transactions (excluding additional mobile credits) on SimplyGoNEW with 3% (bus and train stations) and a minimum monthly spend of S$500. Click here to view debit card terms and conditions.

New applicants who are not holders of a Singapore-issued debit card will receive:

Posb Payroll Account For Work Permit Holders

Note: From August 1, 2022, payments via IPAYMY, RWS-LEVY, SMOOVE PAY, SINGPOST – SAM, Razer Pay and CardUp will no longer be eligible for bonuses for one account. For more information click here.

Total interest is equal to principal plus interest; Current base interest if 0.05% p.a. Bonus interest up to S$100,000 in your Single Account. Basic interest is calculated on the daily balance at the end of each day, while bonus interest is calculated based on the monthly average at the end of each calendar month. The average monthly balance is the balance at the end of each day of each month divided by the number of calendar days in that month.

Interest of S$2,145 per annum is calculated based on the account’s most effective interest rate (EIR) of 2.14% per annum. For a deposit of S$100,000 if the customer meets two conditions of S$500 AND one minute on the card. A salary credit of S$1,600 per calendar month via GIRO (referring to “SALA”).

The most effective interest rate (EIR) on a single account is 0.25% per annum. For a deposit of S$75,000 if the customer meets the card spending requirement of S$500 per calendar month.

Islamic Savings Account To Consider In Singapore Today

Credit and debit cards that can be used on one account include One Card, Women’s Card (all card types), EVOL Card, Visa Card, One Credit Card, Women’s Credit Card and FX Mighty Debit Card.

If your credit card application (Single Card/Female Card/EVOL Card) fails, you will be issued a Mastercard One Debit.

Lady’s Card means Lady’s/Lady’s Platinum/Lady’s Solitaire credit and/or Lady’s debit cards issued by the Company.

Direct Visa Debit Card and Debit Mastercard have been renamed One Debit Visa and One Debit Mastercard.

How And Where To Deposit Cash (including Online Banks)

Credit one minute by paying S$1,600 per month into one account to earn more interest on your savings.

To add your salary to your One account, you must notify your HR department of your new account number.

If possible, you can use the template we have developed and send it to your HR department.

You have to take a minute. Credit payable to Billing Union with bank in GIRO 3. Eligible transactions must be submitted within one calendar month.

Checking Vs. Savings Accounts

GIRO transactions depend on the billing authority and the closing date is determined by the billing authority. For payments due at the end of the month or at the beginning of the month, there is a risk that the deduction will be carried over to the next month or forward.

SimplyGo (Bus & Train) NEW, Dairy Farm International, Grab, Shopee Singapore, Enjoy 10% cash back on travel expenses and 4.33% cash back on Singapore Power bills! Plus up to 3.33% cash back on all retail spend! Enter your monthly expenses below and see how much you can save!

Don’t have a credit card? For new credit card customers: Get 15% of your daily spend and up to S$420 back when you apply now!

Enjoy cashback of up to S$2,000, S$1,000 or $500 and up to 3.33% on retail spend per minute. 5 monthly transactions for the second quarter to get S$200, S$100 or S$50 cashback quarterly. Please note that exceptions apply. Cardmembers who earn S$100 or S$50 quarterly will get an additional 5% cashback and members who earn $200 every three months, Cold Storage, CS Fresh Giant, Guard, 7-Eleven, Marketplace, Jasons, Jasons Deli, Grab (Except Mobile Wallet Recharge), Shopee Singapore Transactions (Except ShopeePay), SimplyGo (Bus and Train)

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And Travel (online only and excluding flight bookings) and an additional 1.67% of Shell transaction revenue successfully received and credited to the card account each statement month. All Cardmembers who pay quarterly will receive an additional 1% each month for Singapore electricity bills that have been successfully debited and credited to their Card account (excluding payments made through AXS). Further refunds will be capped at S$100 per month. See the full code

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