Prepaid Card With Mobile Check Deposit

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Tired of constantly hunting for an ATM so you can give your helper or child physical money for their expenses? Instead consider easy-to-use options for cashless payments in Singapore!

Prepaid Card With Mobile Check Deposit

Have you ever tried to find money at home or when your child ran out or your helper had to go out grocery shopping to find an ATM? Now, you can avoid all the hassle and pass your child or helper absolutely free! We’ve rounded up 11 different cashless payment options in Singapore that will not only make your life easier – some of them will help teach your kids good financial management skills and manage your family’s expenses. Plus, no need to pay physical dollar bills and coins and cashback, which means better family hygiene. Here’s how you can go cart-free with these great digital payment options!

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Canvas is a popular option for cashless payments in Singapore for helpers and children. A Visa prepaid debit card and an easy-to-use app, Canvas gives caregivers and children better money management, eliminating the need to visit an ATM altogether. Canvas cards can be used to purchase groceries or groceries, dry cleaning, pay bills or transport, and more. As a parent or employer, you can track all card transactions through the free Canvas app. You can also monitor your top-up funds, including card balance, via PayNow, bank transfer or your personal credit/debit card. That way, if your assistant runs out of credit while you’re running, you can easily top up her card without looking.

Your mini-man, on the other hand, can use the Canvas card to manage his weekly allowance, pay for daily public transport and eat out with friends. This is a great way to give your child financial responsibility while teaching them how to be financially independent. The card can also be recovered through the app if it is lost or stolen. Ready to sign up? Download the app from the App Store or Google Play, fill in your details and indicate how many cards you need. When it arrives, simply activate the card and you can start spending! There is a 30-day free trial, then a monthly fee of $2.99 ​​per card.

“My daughter loves using her canvas card. She takes it with her everywhere and it’s now a part of her daily life. We’ve added a list of things to take on the way out – mask, badge tracker and canvas card!

New customers get a free 30-day trial and a $10 credit with every child’s Canvas card upon activation. Just fill out the form on the Canvas registration page!

Anytime Mobile Alerts

Designed for dependent families, JiPay is a free and easy way to manage dependent expenses. The app uses a prepaid MasterCard linked to the app, meaning you can easily manage free payments from home in Singapore by topping up the card via PayNow or FAST. Your assistant can view the card balance and all its transactions at any time and freeze the card if it is lost or stolen. In addition, the JiPay app allows you to understand your family’s spending habits, as it generates useful insights into where you spend and how your spending has changed over the years, weeks or months. If you have more than one helper at home, you can see the balance and status of each helper at a glance using the dedicated “Helpers” tab. The first JiPay card is completely free – you won’t be charged any upfront or monthly fees! – and there’s a $3 monthly fee for additional cards. Your basic JiPay plan also comes with three free recharges per month and a $0.50 charge for subsequent recharges.

“We love that we received the card within two business days of our arrival and after a few days of use with personal tracking from the founder. With these things, I’m always worried about security and adding my personal information, but knowing that I can contact a person instead of a computer puts my mind at ease.

EZ-Link is the place to go if you’re looking for a free ride on Singapore’s public transport system, but did you know it can be used for more than just train and bus fares? If you want to start your child off base, the EZ-Link is a safe way to start them. All you need is a valid EZ-Link card (check their expiration date in advance at the TransitLink ticket counter at any MRT station!) and the EZ-Link app on your phone. Then, add your child or partner’s card to your app, which allows you to manage funds, view their card balance and track their transactions anytime, anywhere. In addition to paying for public transportation, the EZ-Link card is also accepted by many merchants on the island. Look for the EZ-Link logo at partner merchants so you can tap your card to make cashless payments and earn points at the same time. Don’t forget to tag your child or helper’s EZ-Link card in the app so you can block the card if it’s lost or stolen – cards can now be replaced at the TransitLink ticket counter at your nearest MRT station.

“My kids use their EZ-Link cards to buy food at 7-11 and some vending machines. I make sure to add some extra money to their cards through the EZ-Link app. They already have EZ-Link cards. Being a free payment method makes them smarter. teaches and they know that if they spend too much on food, they won’t have enough money to catch the bus or go home!

Frequently Asked Questions

Designed by women for women, Lucy not only facilitates cashless payments in Singapore, but also offers free accounts with MasterCard, giving your assistant everything you need to take control of your financial future. The app also has a list of savings pockets that you can use to help your helper meet your financial goals, an option to manage household expenses, and an easy way to automate your helper’s salary payments. Easy digital transfers allow him to send money home without worrying about high extra or hidden costs. Lucy is free to use and in the near future your assistant will also have access to business building and training tools to help you decide on a retirement plan should you return to your home country.

Create an account with Lucy, order one of their two cards, then SMS the code SASSYMAMA to 8809 9269 to add $5 to your account!

One of the most popular forms of cashless payment in Singapore and around the world, Apple Pay replaces physical cards with a secure way to pay for your purchases, even in-store, on a website or in an app. If you’re an Apple user, Apple Pay is built into your iPhone, Apple Watch, Mac, and iPad. Your helper or child will first need their debit card, then you can link it to the Wallet app and you’re good to go. Apple Pay also offers a number of rewards and benefits.

If you don’t give your helper or child a physical card, DBS PayLah! It’s an easy way to enable cashless payments for over 180,000 partners and retailers in Singapore. Just transfer money to your PayLah! digital wallet through bank transfer or PayNow, and they can use it to book tours, order lunch, get movie tickets and great deals. It is also not necessary to be a DBS customer as customers with any bank account can enjoy this facility. Students under 16 can register for their Digital PayLah! With parental permission! Alternatively, register your helper or child for DBS PayNow and link their existing bank account to the DBS i-Banking app. They can transfer money to businesses or friends using their mobile number, Unique Company Number (UEN) or Virtual Payment Address (VPA). You’ll also find it easy to transfer your child support, your helper’s salary, or an emergency fund, as transactions are free and fast.

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Forget long lists of cards and transaction statements, as Google Pay continues to focus on the people (and businesses) you interact with the most, making cashless payments easier in Singapore. You can’t just transfer money

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