Slot Deposit Paypal

Slot Deposit Paypal – PayPal is so easy and straightforward that it’s hard not to love it. This e-wallet is so popular all over the world that people everywhere know what it is, whether they use it or not. PayPal is super secure, incredibly fast, and consistently reliable.

The PayPal casino payment option is a popular option among players, which is not a big surprise. It’s super easy to use, reliable and only takes a few clicks. Want fast deposits and withdrawals with PayPal? We thought about it so much! Whether you want to play our big games or hit your jackpot, PayPal makes casino transfers as easy as EYE!

Slot Deposit Paypal

Before the OJO party starts, you need to open a PayPal account and make sure you have enough funds there. You must do this before you can play online slots or other casino games with a PayPal deposit.

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Go to and click “sign up” to begin the process of setting up a free personal account. Once there, follow the simple instructions.

To add money to your account, you can link your personal PayPal account directly to your debit card. Additionally, as a PayPal member you can even have a pre-defined credit amount tied to you.

Setting up an account is a simple process that you can complete in 3 easy steps. Watch this helpful PayPal video to see how quick and easy it is to set up a personal account in the UK.

Once you’re ready to play for real money, making a PayPal online casino deposit is as easy as setting up a PayPal account. Just select ‘PayPal’ from the list of banking methods. Then follow the simple instructions: select the amount you want to deposit, check the transaction and then confirm it. If the transfer is successful, the funds will appear in your account. These steps show how easy it is:

Uk Online Casino Accepting Paypal

Step 1 – Login to your account or register an account by following the simple registration process.

Step 2 – Click ‘Deposit Now’ or go to ‘My Account’ to access the ‘Cash Management’ section and select ‘Deposit’.

Step 4 – Enter the amount you wish to deposit. You will also have the option to enter a “Kicker Code” for when you have a small gift waiting. Then just click “Submit”.

Step 5 – On the next screen you will either be taken directly to the PayPal login screen or you will see the message below. Simply click on the “Open Payment Method Page” button to proceed to the next step.

Paypal Logo Direct Deposit Brand, Paypal, Png

Hi! That’s all! Your PayPal funds should appear in your account within seconds or minutes! You’ll be on your way to playing your favorite games faster than turning the EYE wheel, and that’s an instant.

Get used to easy my friend because OJO likes easy. Withdrawing money with PayPal is as easy as Sunday morning. Choose PayPal as a withdrawal option, enter your PayPal details and choose how much you want to withdraw. It couldn’t be less complicated than I tried, but you can even see the steps to withdraw PayPal from OJO here:

EYE Note: You can only use PayPal as a withdrawal option if you have made a deposit through PayPal. If you do not make a PayPal casino deposit, you will not be able to make PayPal withdrawals even if you have a PayPal account. Soz.

NOTE FROM EYE: The minimum amount you can withdraw with PayPal is €20, while the maximum amount is €5,000 per transaction.

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Step 5 – If your selection is successful, the payment process will begin. ​​​​​​​However, when you request a withdrawal for the first time, OJO will ask you to upload some personal documents to verify your identity. This is for security reasons and for your safety. Would you like to know more about the documents needed to confirm your cancellation? Look here.

Step 6 – Once your identity is verified, the payment process will begin. PayPal is one of our fastest payment methods with a processing time of 0 to 24 hours. Although it may take several business days for the funds to appear on your PayPal statement, your OJO account balance will update immediately.

NOTE FROM EYE: If PayPal is not an option for your specific country, that’s okay! We have many other safe and reliable payment methods to get your winnings into your account so you can continue playing.

Wondering if you can enjoy bonuses and promotions if you choose PayPal as your payment method? Well of course you can!

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You can claim all OJO free gifts through PayPal or any other payment method. This includes Kickers, the welcome offer from OJO and special offers from OJO such as Club OJO, The OJO Wheel and OJOPlus. Easy Pea Lemon Juice.

EYE Note: If the “Kicker Code” field is already populated with “MyKicker” when you make a deposit, you will receive your last claimed Kicker with your deposit.

Still have some burning questions about how to pay with PayPal in the UK? Sit back and put your feet up as OJO expands your knowledge of one of the largest online payment providers in the world. Let’s begin…

This digital payment method has been around since 1998. It is now used by more than 200 million active users worldwide and is available in more than 200 markets worldwide. It’s a safe, simple and smart way to send and receive money online. It is also available in all major currencies.

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You can use PayPal to shop online, send money quickly to anyone with an email address, and send money to your online casino account (best UK casinos like). You can also use PayPal on the high street, as more and more shops accept this form of payment.

Once you create a free PayPal account with your email address, your card or bank account will be linked to your PayPal account. From now on, you don’t need to enter your card details every time you use it, because it remembers your details. How bad is that? This data is stored with the highest level of encryption and PayPal never shares this data with anyone.

There are many reasons why PayPal casino payments are such a popular option. These are some of the best:

PayPal is a company that has gone the extra mile to ensure that its customers are fully protected 24 hours a day, regardless of whether they use the service to buy or sell. More specifically, with PayPal you get:

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While purchases of most goods and services are eligible for this protection, PayPal clearly states that: “gambling, gaming and / or any activity involving the possibility of winning a prize” are not eligible for buyer protection.

EYE note: if you deposit in, your money is always protected. Player accounts are kept separate from casino accounts. All your assets in your player account are protected.

OJO does not charge you any fees for using PayPal to make deposits or withdrawals. That doesn’t mean PayPal won’t charge you for using their own services.

PayPal is generally free to send and receive money in the UK, as long as the payment is initially funded from a bank account, debit card or PayPal balance and no currency conversion takes place. Fees can come into play if: there are exchange offices, you use a card or you send money abroad.

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Be sure to read the PayPal User Agreement for more information about fees and other terms related to your account.

Why can’t all online casinos be as cool as OJO and offer PayPal as a payment method? The simple reason is that PayPal must approve all online casinos that use their services. To be approved by PayPal, an online casino must prove that it has the ability to block gambling activities for account holders in jurisdictions where gambling activities are illegal.

Of course! is fully licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. Everything we offer you from games, promotions and payment methods including PayPal is 100% legal. That is the promise of OJO!

Here are a few reasons why the PayPal UK payment method is one of the best options among our players:

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OJO Note: Remember that OJO is not your average online casino. You will not find conventional deposit bonuses here. EYE is all about fair play. There are no wagering requirements on any of our offers. The money you deposit and any money you win are always yours. No chains!

Yes! If you​​​​​​are in the OJO A-Lister club, you can go the PayPal route. PayPal is for all OJO users.

Play your way through OJO Club levels for bigger and better rewards. Benefits include a personal account manager, exclusive offers and higher deposit and withdrawal limits, and that’s just for starters!

You never know when OJO PayPal high rollers will be invited to become A-Listers. It’s a lifetime I tell you.

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Long answer: if you feel like it, you can

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