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On the Metro midday broadcast, the 2-day debate on raising the red and white flag on Mount Karstenz began, with the Mediagroup Expedition and the National Police continuing to fight for the summit. What challenges will you face? ?

Streaming Metro Tv Tanpa Buffering

The photo on the upper left is a personal photo I took 2 years ago at the summit of Mount Elbrus and was used as the background for Polwan’s ascent of Mount Carstenz on Metro TV. Is there a connection? The question is where did you get my picture?

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This post was written at 09:10 on August 16, 2017, and has been shared 183 times, with mixed reactions from netizens. relative said;

Asking for royalties bro, it’s great to have something for free. It’s already in violation of the ITE Act. The headline is that the police temporarily walked on the background of the male photo, misleading people? Until someone asked to mention it on Metro TV’s Twitter

Whether it spreads on social media is difficult to investigate, and if you don’t want to use photos of people without permission, it’s best not to post them on social media. in indonesia

Dear friend, I won’t ask for anything, who am I? I mean creative people in the media cannot come up with new or original ideas! Plagiarism, stealing someone else’s work, is an abomination and a disgrace to the profession.

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I have worked in the art world for over 15 years and also founded a creative agency in the design field. So I really understand which ones value their business and which ones are just looking for their guts.

Buche Rahayu later shared a video on the Metrotvnews[dot]com page that included a Metro TV interview with resourceman Budi Kahyono. Then return at 16:38 on the same day, August 16, 2017

First of all, if you turn on the Metro Siang [live video] fully and see how the resource people in the studio react to the media conglomerate campaign team and the women of the state police on Karstenz hill, it’s true

A photo of Buche Rahayu during an interview, but not just a photo, but a report of the team’s journey on the Carstens.

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But the truth is, they really climbed to the top of Mount Cadence. My suggestion is to watch the video until it’s done, then leave a comment.

Second, sir. Buche Rahayu’s disappointment is a lesson for all of us “don’t forget to include the source when you use someone else’s photo”. you like

Screening at a live show like Metro Siang? Wouldn’t it look great if the source was also written on the screen?

If my photos are okay, I’m really happy… But again, everyone is different, now it’s just a matter of how each media will make evaluation content in the future. Just don’t let it be a problem, I’m trying to open VIVA Group Kitchen as a holding company for TVOne. Why did they get out of hand trying to kill Bezos in this presidential election? I was leaked, and by the quarter-finals of the World Cup, TVOne-ANTEVE was far from reaching the goal of advertising and NOBAR broadcast rights. The World Cup broadcasting rights obtained by VIVA Group are worth 65 million US dollars, equivalent to about 800 billion at the exchange rate, obtained through short-term loans. The 2014 World Cup, originally planned (2010), was a tool for Ikar’s presidential candidacy, so if it costs 800 billion, it’s nothing. In fact, except for the predictions before the presidential election, Ikar has long been eliminated, and he did not become the presidential candidate, only Prabowo promised the prime minister.

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At the beginning of 2014, the total debt of VIVA Group was 1.37 trillion yuan, and the debt in February was 1 trillion yuan to increase loan repayment. According to reports, the total assets of the VIVA Group have reached 2 trillion yuan, so the VIVA Group, which has a debt of 1.37 trillion yuan and broadcasting rights of 800 billion yuan, is “insolvency”.

When VIVA bought the rights to broadcast the World Cup, the group panicked over financial problems, and many banks feared that someone would finally be willing to pay high interest rates.

It’s against this backdrop that TV One’s reports of killing Bezos at all costs can be described as “crazy” and immoral.

When VIVA Group’s business plan was brought up for the presidential election, there was a split in VIVA’s inner circle. Karni Ilyas has no tolerance for the behavior of the ARB. VIVA Group also dared to fire Karni Ilyas because her show ILC is the most valuable show on TVOne. Find a middle ground and let go. Karni has calculated that if her name is still on TVOne during this presidential election, her reputation will be ruined, perhaps because she already knows who won.

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The reporting style of TV One is truly progressive and is directly under the command of the Prabowo-Hatta team. So he eliminated the editorial role. Different from MetroTV, although it is biased toward the BEJO camp, the editorial of this TV is still sure, and the nutritional data is checked and determined by the editor. The CPI’s denunciation was broadcast on TV One at the same time as the Democratic Party issued a statement to Prabowo’s camp.

9 days before D-Day is a pivotal time when all presidential candidates 1 will drop bombs as electability declines. My guess is that the last attack to destroy Bezos will be 3-4 days before D-Day with more sad and bad endings. The question is, what advantages does VIVA Group have in attacking BEJO?

If it has something to do with my initial data? This is a matter of life and death for VIVA Group Corporation. If Prabowo loses VIVA Group will definitely be sold as they are not strong enough to pay off their debts. But if you win, the VIVA group is safe. Two people who are ready to buy VIVA Group are Hari Tanoye and Cherul Tanjung. I am more inclined to buy VIVA.

When HT proposed the VIVA Group a year ago, Ical arrogantly said that the price was priceless, but after the presidential election, it was confirmed that the price was cheap. TVone was “Gold” a year ago because it had ILC (a campaign tool) and the World Cup, but after it was all over, it became “Yellow”, right?

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So, what would be the reaction if Pabhu-Hada wins? As with the buzzer business, there will be a success fee if “Victory” can save the VIVA Group. So in the Twitter world, TV One is like the old Tri Macon. Life and death issues drive them crazy, so embrace it. Trio McCann is now “dead” because he will never be able to get the success fee, losing all his clients.

This is the fate of VIVA Group this year. If you lose, be prepared that VIVA Group employees will have their wages frozen starting in September. This is a dilemma for them.

I personally feel sad for the BEJO supporters who protested at the Tipi One office. It’s been said that getting angry is losing, and the team of the first presidential candidate will be very happy if they can anger Bezo’s team. For his wrath will be condemned. Matchup, both Group 1 and Group 2 have TVs, addressing TVone’s stigma with MetroTV. Because no matter what we do to the TVone, they are subject to any “protection”.

I liken TV One to API because it likes to be provocative, and MetroTV to AIR because it puts out fires. In fact, that’s ideal for Bezos.

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Check out all supporters of Presidential Candidate 1 BEJO will be delighted to learn about the demonstration of the supporters who managed to ignite emotions for the first time. So you get the point, right? I took the trouble to say that I lost my anger, and I hope everyone knows that Bejo exists because of RASA KASIH SAYANG. MetroTV is a private news television network based in Indonesia. MetroTV was founded by PT Media Televisi Indonesia and officially launched on November 25, 2000 in Jakarta. MetroTV started out as a joint venture between Media Group and Bimantara Sitra and has been wholly owned by Media Group since October 2003; it also owns Media Indonesia and Lampung Post newspapers.

On October 12, 1999, the Ministry of Information won the selection of the TV organization announced with 4 new TV companies (DVN TV, PRTV, Trans TV and GIB). Initially, the TV station was known as MTI TV (Indonesian Television Media) among various mass media, and its coverage was planned only locally in Jakarta.

MetroTV was started by two people: Surya Paloh, owner of Media Indonesia Group (a business conglomerate that owns Media Indonesia newspapers), and Sumita Tobing, a television executive who previously worked for TVRI and SCTV. Sumita was the one who was allowed to start MetroTV but later resigned over Paloh’s intention to partner with Sendana company Bimantara Sitra.

Nevertheless, plans to establish a news station in Palo continued and were implemented in April, June and December 2000.

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MetroTV was officially launched on November 25, 2000, initially broadcasting 20 hours a day in seven cities in Indonesia.

Paloh then went on to partner with Bimantara, a Bambang Trihatmodjo-owned company. Paloh and Bambang Tri are well known old friends and they are also from the same political party i.e. Golkar.

In 2001, Bimantara injected Rs 40,000 crore into MetroTV and acquired a 25% stake shortly after the station launched, thereby achieving the partnership. Under an agreement between the two, the shares were allowed to be repurchased by Paloh until their December 2003 expiration. In addition, Bimantara has borrowed funds worth Rp 80 billion secured by an additional MetroTV and 12,000 shares held by Paloh. 125 billion fund. In the original plan, Bimantara planned to operate a news and entertainment station with MetroTV as a complement to a station called RCTI.

At the beginning of the broadcast, MetroTV broadcasted for 12 hours, and then extended to 24 hours on April 1, 2001, becoming Indonesia’s first news TV station and the first TV station to broadcast 24 hours a day. Initially, the station had just 220 people (180 reporters and 40 cameramen).

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MetroTV and Events and Demand

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