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Taruhan Game Slot Deposit 50 Ribu – New Jersey Senator and 2020 presidential candidate Cory Booker will make a campaign stop in Charleston on March 2, 2019. He visited Mother Emanuel AME, Burke High School and later attended an oyster barbecue in Summerville.

Sen. Booker held a short private meeting in the Burke High News Center before addressing local leaders and dignitaries, including Rep. J.A Moore, former Senator McKinley Washington, Judge Arthur McFarland, Reverend Thomas Dixon, Fr. William Swinton, Pastor. Joseph Darby, school board member Regina Duggins and Fr. Nelson B. Rivers III among others. The leaders expressed their concern to Sen. Booker on gentrification, the prison pipeline, sentencing disparities, clean water and other issues related to black communities. Sen. Booker responded with solutions that worked in his native New Jersey, and he contrasted them with the better ones faced by local representatives.

Taruhan Game Slot Deposit 50 Ribu

After the meeting, Senator Booker led his state campaign manager, Burke, and Citadel alumnus Clay Middleton into the school auditorium, where he spoke to a large cross-section of the age and community. The whole theme of his message was to heal the divisions in America to achieve more constructive results. Regarding the religious conflicts in the country, Sen explained. Booker, “Before you talk to me about religion, show me how you treat other people.”

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He explained that he cannot expect to win the election considering the mistakes of President Trump and the Republican Party. “You can’t love your country if you don’t love your fellow men and women. Just because someone belongs to a party other than your own doesn’t make them bad or bad. My people didn’t choose me to shout at other people. They chose me to find a basis for solving problems. Leaders don’t follow agreements, they bring reconciliation. My campaign is about uniting people for justice. You can’t spread false propaganda and manage it properly. Refusing to engage in principled campaigns about winning strategy, he explained, “Our job is not to win over those who disagree with us, but to win over those who sit on the sidelines. We have to be motivated by what we are, not what we are against.”

He ended by challenging the audience, “If you elect me, I can’t solve all the problems. I will ask you more; To do more, support more and save more. You have a choice, accept them as they are or accept the responsibility to change them. The audience responded with cheers and then gave him a warm welcome.

Regardless of the outcome of the 2020 election, an enthusiastic response to this message will likely find many Americans fed up with the negative tide of modern politics. It shows that Booker has emerged as a dominant voice.

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