Vip Club Player Casino No Deposit Bonus Codes 2020

Vip Club Player Casino No Deposit Bonus Codes 2020 – VIP Club Player – The player who is struggling to withdraw his winnings without deposit. VIP Club player questionable reputation Submitted: October 23, 2020 | Case closed: October 28, 2020

The American player won a no deposit bonus and his winnings were limited due to the maximum withdrawal limit. But he struggled to get the victories he deserved. The player lost all his winnings, so we cannot continue the investigation.

Vip Club Player Casino No Deposit Bonus Codes 2020

So it’s as shady as other people! I played there 150 free chips bonus offer. I have completed the mortgage requirements and have over 600 in the account. I found that there is a maximum of 150 cash out and all the rest will be lost.. Well I tried to withdraw the full amount and I can’t say that it is more than the allowed amount. The highest it lets me do is 150. Good . So I began to withdraw and the rest I refused to assume they would be removed. I submitted all the required documents to the provided kyc email address and after not getting confirmation they received and accepted my documents after 48, I contacted live support. They then informed me that my birthday didn’t match what was on my license which was a complete lie and I had a screenshot to prove it. So I changed the account profile to have the correct birthday, even though I’ve never entered a fake birthday which doesn’t make sense, knowing it has to match your ID to get paid. So it tells me they changed it on purpose I. Order the test and avoid paying. I submitted the request again and soon I got an email that it was canceled because I don’t have enough money to cover the withdrawal and I need to have at least 250 because the amount of free chips after withdrawal and after max payout is 100 so I have 250. Lying again. It clearly states in several places on the site that the max payout is 150…not 100, they also don’t mention that you need to have an extra 150 to cover the cost of the “FREE CHIP” and finally I couldn’t make $600 the request because the amount allowed on the site was exceeded !!! So they put 150 back into my account and again told me I can only get 100 total false ads and silhouettes and if I go try to return 150 to 300 so I can get my 150 of course I can’t work for the life of me and I lose 150 and none of that would be a problem if they let me take back the 600 I originally tried and I have a screenshot of the error message/page that came up when I tried to do that. There is some bad work here in an attempt to avoid my payment and I can prove and disprove each of them .. definitely not a way to bring the company “new” or .. which is really just a slot error under a new name. Please help me expose these scammers for the scum they are!

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Thank you very much for submitting your complaint. I’m sorry to hear about your problem. I couldn’t find the exact bonus on their website so I can’t check the conditions myself. Would you mind sending me the link to the offer you redeemed?

Also, when exactly did you sign up and claim the bonus please? VIP Club seems to be closed or at least not accepting new players.

Also, if there is any other relevant communication between you and the user, please send it to kristina.s@ or post it here.

I hope we can help you resolve this issue as soon as possible. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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Here is the bonus I used along with two additional posts showing that the max payout should be 150 not 100 as claimed. And to answer your questions about when I joined earlier this week, I’d say Monday or Tuesday of this week. I will provide the correspondence and proof of the error message when I try to withdraw the full amount next time.

This entry has been made closed by . Contains sensitive information intended for review by appropriate parties only.

So have at it guys. The proof of everything I claim is true at my end and everything they claim is just a lie and an attempt to not pay.

I also saw that you said they are not accepting new members and or it is closed and it says the site is closed on your rating page but I just went to the site and entered it no problem and it still has a new member registration she is here too

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Thank you very much for your reply. I know from your screenshots that this complaint is about VIP Club Player and not VIP Club, so I changed it correctly.

I looked at the bonus offer and also saw that according to them the maximum payout of this bonus is $150 and not $100 as claimed.

I also checked the bonus terms ( and found that all their bonuses are sticky, meaning the bonus amount is withdrawn upon withdrawal request:

“If you make a withdrawal or withdrawal request after meeting all wagering requirements, any amount remaining after the free bonus amount and the maximum eligible withdrawal amount will be removed from the account and will be forfeited.”

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Before we proceed with this matter, could you please let me know how much money is in your account?

Ok, they don’t have it in the bonus description first of all.. so they should put it somewhere other than the terms of service because most people don’t even read it. withdrawal when I have 600 in my account and it does not allow me to say that it is too big in one whole as I show in one of the pictures. It only allows me to withdraw 150 max. And currently I don’t have a zero in the account thanks to them rejecting my withdrawal for the reasons I mentioned above and telling me I need to withdraw less than 250 to withdraw (because they keep trying to claim the higher money 100 as I posted above) so when I was trying to play 150 I literally didn’t win one spin after hmm what a fluke… and then my credit is put at 0. Now if I can withdraw and then they just lose the max payout balance and their “climbing” bonus, no problem except for the fact they claimed it was 100 max not 150 but because that stopped me doing it and then they tried they take me out. When I changed my birthday on my profile and all the other scams they tried to pull I had to try to play my winnings to get back to the required amount and miraculously (ironically) I didn’t win and ended up at zero as I was sure that they were going to do it at all. This is clearly a scam and some shady business going on with them

Micheal, first of all I want to emphasize that you should always read the bonus terms and conditions before claiming the bonus to avoid unpleasant situations like this. They try to design their bonuses to be as attractive as possible, but the rules always have to be followed and many additional (and often important) conditions are listed there.

I completely understand your frustration, but since you lost all your winnings, unfortunately we cannot help you at this point. We can contact you and try to find out if there is a balance.

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Unfortunately, after gathering all the necessary information, we are forced to dismiss this complaint. We’re sorry we couldn’t help you with this, but please contact us in the future if you have any issues with this or anything else and we’ll do our best to help. Club Player Casino no deposit bonuses are one of them

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