Wells Fargo Mobile Deposit Limit

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Wells Fargo Mobile Deposit Limit

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Depositing money or cashing a check usually means going to the bank, which can be time-consuming and inconvenient. But mobile check deposit has taken that frustration away, making many banking transactions as easy as taking a photo at any time of day.

If you have a smartphone, you may be able to use mobile check deposit, provided your bank includes this feature in their mobile app.

Consumers can save time by depositing checks remotely. Instead of taking the check to the bank, mobile check deposit allows consumers to take a photo of the front and back of the check using a smartphone and deposit it via the bank’s mobile app.

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In the banking industry, this digital transaction is called remote deposit capture. It’s convenient and safe. However, make sure the banking app you download to make mobile check deposits is from the bank itself and not from a random source to avoid potential scams. According to a report by payment fraud protection provider Outseer, fraudulent mobile apps will account for nearly 40 percent of all fraudulent attacks by 2021. Banks typically provide a link on their websites to safely download their apps.

Banks often limit the total dollar amount of mobile deposits that can be deposited to how many customers can deposit per day or month. The maximum amount depends on the bank.

“Mobile check deposit limits were put in place to reduce the risk of fraudulent deposits,” said Urjit Patel, chief executive of the Education First Federal Credit Union. If you need to deposit a check beyond the bank cash advance limit, you have the option of visiting a branch or ATM to facilitate the transaction.”

“Checks can flow as if you deposited them in your local bank branch,” says Bonnie Maize, a financial adviser at Maize Financial in Rossville, Kansas. Banks can return deposits if the issuer does not have sufficient funds.

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For mobile deposits, the bank can notify you by confirming that the check has been cleared. But the bank has the right to return the deposit even after receiving confirmation.

Corn said it took several days for a transaction to be completed, “which can be surprising for young people who are used to financial transactions.”

Just like regular checks, your bank can store money deposited via your smartphone. A common reason for so-called delinquent funds is that funds were deposited too late in the day. After a certain check deposit period, depositors must wait an additional business day for the check and funds to become available.

You may wonder who has access to the sensitive information shown on the check, but the test images are not stored on your phone. By contrast, banking apps typically “store deposit information, including images, on secure web servers, thereby protecting customers and the integrity of their financial information,” said credit union CEO Patel.

Deposit Checks By Phone

Figuring out how to get the right images for mobile deposits can be difficult, but banking apps are smart and can guide you.

“I think the most valuable option is the auto feature that automatically takes a photo when you snap a photo frame around the check,” says Bill Samuel, owner of real estate company Blue Ladder Development and frequent mobile check holder.

A dark background behind a check can help improve a photo. After ticking the screen frame, the program automatically registers the user or asks to take a photo. The same procedure is repeated for both sides of the check.

“Checks should be cleared as if you were depositing them yourself at your bank,” says Maiz, a financial adviser.

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“There is an extra step for mobile deposits, however: some checks may have a box on the back that says ‘For mobile deposits’ that you need to check. If the check you’re approving doesn’t have it, be sure to write “Mobile Deposits Only” under your signature or the version of this statement required by your bank.”

After taking a photo of the check, store the check for a few days to make sure the funds are properly deposited. Wells Fargo recommends keeping copies of checks for five days. It can be tempting to drop the check straight into the shredder, but it can create problems if the bank has questions about deposits.

“Wait for the check until you can see it clearly and move from waiting to verifying your online statements,” said financial adviser Michael Fogut, president and founder of Fogut Financial Group.

Using the mobile deposit feature via a bank’s app can save time and trips to the branch. Make sure your deposit amount does not exceed the bank’s limit and keep the check for a few days after you deposit it.

Wells Fargo: Visual/product Design

Bank representatives are also a great resource for answering any questions about mobile check deposit and its limits.

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