Wheel Of Fortune Daily Spin

Wheel Of Fortune Daily Spin – You win a speedboat! You win a speedboat! And you won a speedboat! Wheel of Fortunes is back, hitting our screens across the world on February 25th in the form of Wheel of Fortune Megaways. Big Time Gaming has brought us back through the years with this slot, combining one of the most popular gaming programs in the UK and US, with one of the most popular slot machines of all time: Megaways. Many players believe that when the slot is released again with the idea of ​​Megaways it is usually better. Apparently, this is no exception to the rule.

Big Time Gaming has carved out a place in this segment as a specialist odds service provider, with slots that deliver a lot of impact, even if it takes some time to witness the full potential. Often when Big Time Gaming first released live slots, the comment sections would be filled with players frustrated with the “lack of potential” or simply expressing disbelief at the slot’s output. BTG is the ultimate victim of backseat slot developers, it seems.

Wheel Of Fortune Daily Spin

However, this is a provider that has been around for a long time and has brought us some of the hottest slots and mechanics ever, even years later: Danger High Voltage, Lil’ Devil, and any Megaways, just to name a few. little. Therefore, players should already have a certain level of confidence in BTG’s technology. We have to accept knowing that soon after the new release, big hits will come.

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Wheel of Fortune Megaways continues this trend, and at first glance it’s hard to see how it will do anything amazing, but let’s take a look at what this slot can do. Volatility is high, average win per spin is 80.150x stake (with maximum possible win charged at 250,000x) and RTP of 96.46%. Let’s dive…

Wheel of Fortune Megaways consists of 10 symbols, consisting of 6 regular symbols and 4 cash values. At the bottom of the paytable, 9s and 10s pay 0.4x the bet for 6 of a kind and Js pay 0.5x the bet, e for 6 of a kind. Qs pay 0.6x the bet for a 6 of a kind, while As and Ks pay 0.7x the bet for a 6 of a kind. Like all other Big Time Gaming slots, the bonus symbols consist of green, blue, red and purple symbols. Landing 6 from a green speedboat pays 0.9x the stake and landing 6 from a blue speedboat pays 1x the stake. Private jets sit atop the red symbols on offer, paying 2x the stake for 6 of a kind.

Finally, as expected, the blue symbol is the highest paying symbol, which consists of a diamond ring, and pays 25x the type 6 bet. in bonuses, even the lowest paying symbol on offer can yield big wins.

On a personal level, when the Megaways slot first came out and I chose not to use the cascading mechanic these days, I found myself experiencing a level of frustration almost immediately. Once you’ve enabled cascading slots in an offering, it’s hard to feel overwhelmed when a developer chooses to go in a different direction. At the same time, one of the most interesting aspects of the Megaways bonus is when the promotion rate increases. If the amount is too high, you suddenly feel that success can change everything.

Wheel Of Fortune’ Spins Up Set, Music And Graphics Updates

Big Time Gaming has chosen to move away from this mechanic. Instead, they chose the Megaways slot, which does not slow down and has no multiplier in the bonus game. That said, there’s still a lot on offer for players in this slot. Imagine a white rabbit listening to High Voltage Danger with Megaways for a few days, and you get Wheel of Fortune Megaways.

Players have the opportunity to land up to 3 Wild Megastacks in the Wheel of Fortune Megaways base game. It can be triggered by placing a wild symbol on the reels, which will expand to 7. They are only found on reels 2-5. Getting 3 of these wild Megastacks together will equal getting 3 x7 wilds. Here, this release is reminiscent of High Voltage Risk, which offers 3×6 wild reels.

During the bonus game, up to 2 Wild Megastacks can land, expanding up to 10 wilds in height. This is almost like the base game. However, we know that 3 multiplier wild rolls are enough to change everything.

Landing 3, 4, 5 or 6 Wheel of Fortune drops the base game 12, 14, 16 or 18 respectively. At the start of the feature, players spin a wheel to determine how many Megaways they will start with. This wheel starts at 14,000 ways, up to the highest known value of 117,649 ways. In the bonus, placing the Expand icon on the reel increases the number of Megaways available in the bonus. This is done by increasing the number of symbols on that reel by 1.

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When the value of symbols on the reel reaches 10, a new trigger is given. At this point, players will spin the second wheel to award up to 12 additional free spins. If all reels reach an average of 10 symbols, players will face 1 million Megaway. White Rabbit fans will be familiar with this mechanic of expanding the reels to provide the highest winning odds. While this isn’t the first time we’ve seen any slot offer a 1,000,000 Megaway, it’s the first of its kind from Big Time Gaming.

These days it seems like slots are constantly being released with more features on offer. So in such a way that they can be almost confusing at the same time. This slot is simple and it may seem like there is nothing to talk about. However, what it offers is enough to boast some great achievements, with an impressive number. While some aren’t happy, players hoping the final scatter hits 1 million Megaways will beg to differ. With the possibility of 12 extra spins, who can argue that this slot isn’t good?

As always, Big Time Gaming designed the slot to be smooth. While the internal mechanics are not unique, they are presented in a way that allows for a smooth gameplay experience. We’ve already had some solid wins, and we hope to see some life-changing wins for players soon. That’s what we’ve come to expect from all Big Time Gaming slots.

*Screenshots of games reviewed on this site are taken from Demo Play as reviews are usually written before games are released for real games.

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